Summer Travel Essentials

It’s finally summer time… queue the suitcases and travel plans! Our summer this year is actually fairly low-key which after last summer, is more than welcomed. We are taking our annual vacation to Maine at the end of July but outside of that, I’m just living vicariously through all of the amazing vacation pics my friends are posting until then.

I had a friend reach out to me recently asking about an oily travel kit for her to take on a cruise. Although I’ve never been on a cruise, I whipped up this Summer Travel Essentials pack and was so excited about it, I made extra and fully plan on taking it to the beach in a month for myself! The only thing I added that is not pictured is a small dram of Peppermint Vitality Oil so that she can find some relief if she is feeling woozy.

I decided to stick with the basics of summer time travel and (assuming you are already equipped with a safe + clean sunscreen) this is just about everything you’ll need.


I decided to include Thieves Hand Sanitizer and Thieves Spray to keep it clean during travel - you just never know. I also included the Young Living Grapefruit Lip Balm to keep your lips moisturized and protected, after sun gel with the purest ingredients like Aloe, Peppermint Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oils along with a “Girl Relax” roller! Lastly, I was thinking about what the cabins might be like on a cruise and decided to throw in a Pillow Spray that can dub as a room spray… I’m sure it get’s a little musty and that will help! The Pillow Spray has Dreamcatcher Essential Oil, Tangerine Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil…. DREAMY.

Let me know what you think + go make the most of your summer!