Glow Serum DIY

Has everyone seen the new Face App situation going around social media?! Where you post a photo of you with wrinkles and saggy skin? It’s amusing but also a smidge alarming I mean… check mine out:


Craziness right?! I’m actually pretty ok with this photo - if I’m still rocking the long hair and lipstick look at 70+ things will be just fine. This photo did spark some pretty intense responses ranging from “you look amazing!” to “put some oils on that” HAHA!! The timing was perfect because I had JUST made some face serum a few weeks ago and had been using it at night so I was prompted to share about it.

This Glow Serum is packed with some pretty fancy oils so I included a few alternatives just in case. Here is some info on why:

  • Blue Tansy (found in Valor) - calming + known for helping with inflammation

  • Frankincense - it’s just straight magical + known for slowing the aging process down (yas)

  • Rose - anti aging + antiseptic + emollient properties

  • Geranium - breakout reducing (yes please)

  • Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood - helps reduce the appearance of blemishes + promotes the appearance of younger-looking skin

  • Copaiba - very safe + known for healing properties + soothing skin

Vitamin E oil is known to fight free radicals and even moisturize skin which is a huge bonus for my combination skin. Jojoba oil is my go-to for carrier in this serum because it is packed with incredible skin benefits! Check out the DIY below and let me know what you think!

glow serum.png

I use this at night (a few drops) after washing my face with the Young Living Orange Charcoal Facial Wash. Honestly, my skin has never felt better. I can’t wait to hear how this has worked for you so don’t forget to share!


Tangle Spray

I’ve always had long hair (except for that awkward year in 6th grade when I had a nice “my so called life” bob) so hair tangles are just part of the deal. It wasn’t until I had a 3 year old daughter with beautiful curly hair and reports of “head bugs” at her school that I needed a solution. Enter: YLEO. I did some digging and found several recipes for preventative care (aka no lice) and mixed it in with a DIY detangler using all my oils and the Young Living Lavender Mint conditioner.


Here is the recipe:


  • blender (just trust me)

  • 16oz clear glass spray bottles (here)

  • funnel


  • Add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth. You’ll notice the conditioner is super thick so this helps the solution blend easier + faster.

  • Let it sit for 5-10 minutes while the foam rests (this is totally normal).

  • Using your funnel, pour into spray bottle.

  • Add water if necessary.

tangle spray brush pin.jpg

I ended up having extra so I filled a few smaller bottles and put one in the car, one in our pool bag and one in the bathroom for backup! I know I sound like a broken record but there are so many things you can use these oils + products for. The best part of all of it is that I know the products are clean + safe for my kids.

Here are some fun reads if you feel like getting nerdy:




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