Roller Recipes + Kids

One of the biggest reasons I brought oils into our home 18 months ago was to support my kids’ bodies without stressing about the ingredients in everything single thing. I honestly had no idea what was in their vitamins, shampoo and chest rub and I never really stopped to consider it either. I totally trusted what was on the store shelves and thought I was making the best purchase decisions if it was “natural” and “all clear”. It wasn’t until I started researching the ingredients in these things that I had to take a step back and really take a close look at what I was buying.


To get the kids on board, I made these roller sets for their Easter baskets (because yes, Jesus + the Easter Bunny love oils) and I just wanted to share that empowering your kids to support their bodies from a young age is really an incredible process. Ruby LOVES rolling the sleepy roller on her feet and her health roller on her spine before bed. Mason reaches for the brave roller before school and the "magic" roller when he gets home and is antsy. It’s not something we remember to do every single day but we certainly try and we both agree that it’s important for the kids to have their own oily versions of a first aid kit.

IMG_0287 (1).jpg

Here are the roller recipes using some of my favorite YL oils - I hope you enjoy and make your own kids oily first aid kits!

IMG_0286 (1).jpg

[Recipes adapted from the Oil + Glass book | Rollers from Root and Petal | Labels from Flair and Festive]

I hope this is helpful as you support your sweet kiddos + empower them to use these oils! Ask me questions, let me know what you think and share your own recipes below!