Thieves vs. All Ya'll

One of the biggest things that holds people back from jumping into Young Living is the cost. I started my membership with YL so that I could finally get my hands on Thieves cleaner and ditch all the nasty cleaning products we had in our house. I was tired of afternoon headaches, worrying about the kids eating off the counter tops and stressing about the dangers of deep cleaners. I was worried about the cost until I started actually thinking about how much we were spending at Target vs. how much we spend now on cleaning supplies. See below my friends - it really is amazing how much of a difference Thieves Household Cleaner can make. This graphic shows what I was using and now what I’m saving by replacing all this junk with Thieves. Nothing mind blowing but a friendly PSA. Do yourself a favor and simplify the cleaning process (and cost)! You can even start your YL membership WITH a Thieves Home Starter Kit which is pretty amazing. Click here to grab yours! Already a member? Put it on next month’s ER order. It’s hard to ignore the numbers!