Young Living Bundles

Thieves vs. All Ya'll

One of the biggest things that holds people back from jumping into Young Living is the cost. I started my membership with YL so that I could finally get my hands on Thieves cleaner and ditch all the nasty cleaning products we had in our house. I was tired of afternoon headaches, worrying about the kids eating off the counter tops and stressing about the dangers of deep cleaners. I was worried about the cost until I started actually thinking about how much we were spending at Target vs. how much we spend now on cleaning supplies. See below my friends - it really is amazing how much of a difference Thieves Household Cleaner can make. This graphic shows what I was using and now what I’m saving by replacing all this junk with Thieves. Nothing mind blowing but a friendly PSA. Do yourself a favor and simplify the cleaning process (and cost)! You can even start your YL membership WITH a Thieves Home Starter Kit which is pretty amazing. Click here to grab yours! Already a member? Put it on next month’s ER order. It’s hard to ignore the numbers!



The 2018 Young Living Holiday Catalog

The holiday catalog is here and it’s absolutely glorious! We’ve highlighted our favorites and one of the best things is it’s all available on Essential Rewards as long as it’s in stock! YAY! Click the image to go to the listing on Young Living’s website where you can login and get your holiday shopping done and done.

Young Living has put together the best gift bundles for everyone on your list (including yourself) so check it out and try to contain yourself (or not)!