Nontoxic Lifestyle

Young Living is no longer an essential oil company - it’s a lifestyle company. Full of products and opportunities to help you live with wellness, purpose and abundance. YL now offers everything from safe, non-toxic makeup to a full line of baby products and even Ningxia!


Savvy Minerals

Ever wonder what kinds of dyes are used for your lipstick? What about all the chemicals you might find in your everyday foundation? Let’s take the guesswork out of finding safe and plant based makeup. Meet Savvy Minerals - Young Living’s premier makeup line. Totally free from bismuth, talc and other toxic ingredients, these essential oil infused beauty products are designed to help you look your best without compromising your wellness. Best of all, there is a Savvy Minerals Starter Kit to help you get started with Young Living and a safe beauty regimen!


Every parent and caregiver wants to make sure their baby has the best products on the planet. We go to great lengths to make sure everything is sterilized and pure for our new little ones. This is why Young Living developed the Seedlings baby products. Lightly infused with soothing essential oils, the Seedlings products gently keep your baby clean, calm and happy. Seedlings includes baby wipes, rash cream, linen spray and lotions designed to comfort your new baby and even you, mama.

The Seedlings Baby Bundle makes a perfect baby shower gift and is a great way to get started with using all natural products on your most precious loved ones.




Ningxia Red is Young Living’s superfruit beverage designed to support your immune system, energy levels and even eye health! Developed with a combination of Ningxia Wolfberry, Blueberry, Plum, Cherry, Aronia, and Pomegranate concentrates, this super-juice is jam packed with antioxidants and energizing ingredients to support your body and keep you going all day long. Ningxia is also featured in the Ningxia Zyng energy drinks which are a healthier alternative to the energy drinks on the market today!